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Re: FC3 and Spyware and Email Virus

On 12/11/2004 09:45:50 PM, Jorge Fábregas wrote:

Hello Terry,

You shouldn't be worried really. So far...

Just make sure you use your Linux system as a regular user (not as
which is the power user) and that you don't have any open
network-ports on
your system. You can perform a search on google on how to secure your
machine (stopping all unnecessary services and use a firewall).

A good firewall that is easy to configure is called firestarter. Google for firestarter linux and you should find their website.

Well, firestarter itself actually isn't a firewall, but it configures the firewall that is part of the Linux kernel.

On Linux, spyware and viruses are not as much of an issue as worms, and a firewall will go a long way to stop your machine from being infected by worms.

You also should keep your system up2date using either the up2date gui or yum.

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