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Re: fedora 3 and winmodems

There is no support for pctel modems in the 2.6 kernels, I found that one out the hard way, they used to work in the 2.4 kernels. Not sure about the SIS. Check linmodems.org for supported modems. I would recommend getting a real external modem and save yourself the headache.

adel essafi laposte net wrote:

hi lists
does any one have any experience with FC3 and winmodems (motorolla and SIS
for hsp modem, I succeed to install the pctel 0.96 but kppp don t detect
the modem.
for the motorola modem, the packages are installed correctly (FC1 and mdk
9.2) but also, kppp fails to connect to the modem.
I have 2 winmodems that I can t use with LINUX :(
any input will be helpful

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