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Re: IntelliMouse problem

On Sun, 2004-12-12 at 10:55 -0500, Craig J Wright wrote:
> I have an Microsoft IntelliMouse optical USB mouse. It is connected to
> a KVM via the USB to PS/2 converter that came with the mouse.
> When I am in X and use the wheel to scroll down it works perfectly.
> But when I attempt to scroll up, some very strange things occur.
> Depending on the application, it will paste text into my document and
> almost always I see various pop-up menus (like those you get when you
> right click).
> During the install of FC3 the mouse was working perfectly, but when I
> get into FC3 after the install is complete, the mouse strangeness
> starts. I saw this with FC2 also.
> Any suggestions?

My experiences:  1) USB to PS/2 converter has probs, use PS/2 type
mouse; 2) include the following parameter in the kernel line in grub:
psmouse.proto=imps ; and, 3) insure booting machine is selected in KVM
thru entire boot process.

Lots of KVM probs with 2.6 kernels, especially with Belkin style KVMs.
Look in bugzilla for more info, and google.  

Clyde Kunkel
FedoraCore 3 on an ASUS P4C800-E

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