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Re: Problem creating FC3 CD's

--- "Michael A. Peters" <mpeters mac com> wrote:

> > > I never tried 4 but I noticed that on my burner
> -
> > >
> > > speed=8 works
> > > speed=12 and cdrecord uses 8
> > > speed=16 works
> > > speed=20 and cdrecord uses 16
> > > speed=24 works
> > >
> > > Seems that at least for me, cdrecord only likes
> > > multiples of 8.
> > >
> > > Also - try burning with -pad and -dao
> > >
> > > cdrecord -dev=/dev/hdd -speed=8 -pad -dao -v
> > > FC3-whatever.iso
> > >
> > 

Hi Michael.  I tried speed=8.  Incredibly, this
worked.  The speed actually got set to 8.  speed=2 and
speed=4 ended up getting me 48x, which was too fast
for the CDR media that I was using.  Very silly. 
cdrecord 1.10 must have some kind of override if it
thinks that the hardware can handle the higher rate. 
Unfortunately, although the drive can handle this
rate, the media cannot.  I guess that it is an easy to
make mistake.

But, it still did not work.  speed=8 generated lots of
bad copies that failed linux mediacheck.  So, I tried
the other options, -dao and -pad.  I don't know which
one it was, but I succeeded on the first try.  Note
that I searched google, but did not find any help on
this issue.  I think that google can see the FC list,
so this post should offer some guidance to some poor
victims in the future.

It is amazing how much Linux has progressed.  When I
first tried installing Linux, many years ago, it would
not install.  It took me nearly 6 months to debug and
rewrite the SCSI driver so that I could install it. 
This time, I think that it will take nearly as long,
but looking at cdrecord, there is no way I could find
and fix the issues in 6 months.  It is just too darn
complex.  And, that is just to create the CD's!  I
guess that there is a long way to go, still.

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