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Re: Setting screen refresh in FC2

dev loop gmail com wrote:

On Thu, 09 Dec 2004 00:00:46 +0100, fabiano <fabiano panther infinito it> wrote:

I have the right specs for my monitor and video card in xorg.conf.
UNder windows I can set 100Hz at 1024x768 but under fedora the
Preferences->screen_resoluzion_tool doesn't permit to set a frequency
higher than 85 Hz...!!!
If I change to 640x480 (I have 160 Hz under windows) I have the same
liit of 85Hz!!

You didnt mention which grafics card or  - to be more specific - which
grafics driver you are using.

I experienced the same as you when using the official NVidia driver
for my grafics card.
But, when using the "nv" driver coming with X, I was able to set the
refresh rate to 100Hz as well.

So my assumption is, that the official NVidia driver is the cause of
this problem.


Yes, I have thought this is a general issue but it was bad assumption =).
I have Nvidia 400MX with Official Nvidia driver..I'll try fc2 driver.

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