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FC3 + X Forwarding (Yes, X is installed)

I just finished installing FC3 onto a very old P133/128MB RAM/20GB HD. 

X is installed. XFCE4 is installed. Firefox is installed. (Searched my
email archive (all 48000 of it) and only found reference for X11
Forwarding on these 

1. make sure xorg-auth is installed (Yes.. Since X is installed)
2. X11Forwarding in /etc/ssh/sshd_config

SSh'ing into the box via 
$ ssh -X -C user box
and then running
$ firefox

Yielded Nothing.

Even running a VNC session, (either running XFCE4 or just plain
twm/xterm), ended up with a Blank screen with nothing.

(maybe the box is slow, it's an old box)

Release Notes has this :
OpenSSH is no longer configured to request X11 forwarding by default
when connecting to servers. To enable X11 forwarding, the -X or -Y
option must be specified, or the ForwardX11 option must be enabled in
the ~/.ssh/config file.

--> DONE

The behavior of ssh clients that are invoked with the -X flag has
changed. In OpenSSH 3.8 and later, X11 forwarding is performed in a way
that applications run as untrusted clients by default. Previously, X11
forwarding was performed so that applications always ran as trusted
clients. Some applications may not function properly when run as
untrusted clients. To forward X11 so that applications are run as
trusted clients, invoke ssh with the -Y flag instead of the -X flag, or
set ForwardX11Trusted in the ~/.ssh/config file.

--> This one, I have no idea. I only saw this after searching the
archives and haven't had a chance to test if it works. Will test it

If anyone reads this and has an answer, please do tell

PS :Took me a whole day due to no CDROM/No Boottable NICs and 1 _bad_
IDE cable which esssentially make a 1 hr install into 24 hours. BAH

Ow Mun Heng
Gentoo/Linux on D600 1.4Ghz 
Neuromancer 18:37:23 up 9:32, 5 users, 0.07, 0.24, 0.29 

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