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Re: Install FC2 on SATA RAID0 controller from Silicon Image

Use Linux native software RAID (md) instead, it's fully supported by the installer.

right ! I'm afRAID it is the only way ;-p
What I google is that silicon image do not provide a true hardware solution but half-software raid instead ( normal with a 20$ chip ! )
so that we need to provide an extra soft driver. the driver exists for this controller and is provided here: http://people.redhat.com/~heinzm/sw/dmraid/readme
and problems begin to get it work with installer!!!

will try with LVM but I think it is not possible configure the 2 disks as a whole strip because boot disk could not be a raid device ?

is it possible to slice the 1st disk with something like "/" and "swap" and to aggregate the rest of the disk with the second one with LVM md device ?

is that correct ?

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