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Re: Up2date icon freezing

Randy ha scritto / wrote il / on 13/12/2004 15:13:

Up2date in gnome freezes for me very often. I've seen it with slow up2date sites, and also when I select more than about five updates. Sometimes it works with more than five, but usually it doesn't. I usually end up killing it and then selecting less updates the next time around, which usually works. The good news is that stuff that was already downloaded doesn't need to be re-downloaded. :-) On the rare occasion when I've selected ten updates, usually two restarts will help it finish. (For me, it always locks up between downloads) Line speed isn't the problem. I have 512k DSL.

At 03:36 AM 12/13/2004, you wrote:

antonio montagnani ha scritto / wrote il / on 10/12/2004 09:15:

Suddenly the up2date blue/red icon stop working on one of my PC'..
It keeps staying blue stating "searching for Updates on RHN" but no other action for hours.
At same time if I start the RedHat Network from my main menu, everything is fine (I can download updates).
The icon is so frozen that all options on the related menu with mouse right click are shadowed apart from Exit.

Any suggestion

disinstaleld up2date, up2date-gnome, firstboot, rhn-applet, then re-installed but no improvement.
The up2date works fine, but the applet still freezing: no idea how to unlock it...

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Randy, It is not my problem, as the Update from the menu works fine even with 20 huge updates (this morning I downloaded latest updates), but the small applet on the application bar on the far right is still searching for updates...
It was working in FC2 and for a week in FC3: no problem in another similar machine.
I suppose that Up2date and the gnome updte applet are usings same setup.
Where is the locking stuff??

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