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PCI Wireless Adapter/Routers

Hello guys
I have done my research via google search and WLAN linux groups..etc,also I have check the Fedora list archives I have several questions or mybe statements that need to verified.

I read that even though some distro's say there linux compat you must to check the chip set via PCI. what are go chips set beyound prisims or is that the only one.

What is a great wireless G or B PCI ditro that will work with linue? Please be specific ie product number not just company name, and list if i need to download a driver for that PCI

Is all router compat with linux cuz of TCP/IP proto. ie i does not matter what type of router i get it will work.

What i am tring to do is turn is turn my home office in wireless network I have 1 window pc for my wife and I am dual booting with windows\and fedora 3 on the other PC , and my labtop is OSX panther. just want to know about linux stuff via PCI\Chipset and routers

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