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System slowing down to a stall.


The last few days I've been plagued by this problem. As the systems works on, slowly but surely it begins to slow down. MP3 songs stop every now and then and then proceed (progressively more frequently), mouse cursor becomes unresponsive or slow, scrolling text (like from Knewsticker) moves sluggishly etc.
At first I just rebooted but the problem reappeared almost immediately. The next time I did a *ps aux* to see what process is eating everything up, but other than a dvd ripping process, everything else was eating miniscule amounts. Then I started killing anything that looked suspicious after closing all my active tasks.
My first suspect was a process that kept doing some kind of piping search on my system (I don't remember the exact name of the programs used, but I remember it piping the results to awk.). Since I'm kind of a newbie, I feared for intrusion even though I'm behind a NAT router and the linux firewall so I killed the process and my modem. It didn't help, the system was still slow.
I'm using azureus in linux as my bittorrent prog of choice and I noticed that even though I had shut it down before, its process was still alive. I killed it and the system appeared to become normal again. However until now, I've been using Azureus without a problem and it seems strange to me that it started slowing everything down just like that.
I then restarted azureus and went AFK for a day or so. After coming back I find my system stalled in the Screensaver (which meant not long after me going AFK since I also have power saving mode on). Only thing I could do at that point was reboot to windoze.

So is there anything that can show me what's eating my system up? Anything syspicious I could check?

For the record I'm using FC3 with all the latest updates, I'm siting behind an ADSL connection and I've been using FC3 for a while now. However I just don't know where to look to find the latest source of my troubles :(

Any help appreciated.

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