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Re: [FC3] WHEEEE! Hey, yall- try this!

On Mon, 2004-12-13 at 18:16 -0600, Brian Fahrlander wrote:
>     I did that fresh install of FC3. So I'm looking at the gigs of
> wasted space, 'cause it was a full install.  I get tired of looking at
> all the "K" packages I'm never gonna use, so I take the time to remove
> things I won't be using:
> yum remove qt
>     Watching carefully to what it's gonna remove, I confirm it, and
> eventually the grinding stops and I reboot.
>     All the sudden I'm transported back to the days when SCO was a
> viable company with something to offer!  It's 1989 again and Peg Bundy's
> starting to set the world afire with her episode where she introduces
> the fax machine to American audiences.  My daughter, last seen driving
> her car, has a diaper to change.
>     The screen's filled with chiffon-green very-square boxes called
> windows that musta come from 'Queer Eye for the Linux Guy' and every
> window has an outline and waits for me to place it.
>     Ya see, if you remove KDE, and expect gnome to still be there and
> operate, you're living in a fool's paradise.  It will require installing
> gnome-session, gnome-volume-manager and gnome-media EVEN THOUGH IT NEVER
>     I reinstalled the packages, rebooted, and my daughter's driving
> again. Whew; managed to dodge another diaper.  
>     :>
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What you had was FVWM.  If all else fails X returns to FVWM.  After
removing the packages do "switchdesk gnome" and you should then be able
to run X using Gnome instead.



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