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Re: [Wine]For Red Hat 9.0 Any successfully running Wine Binary RPM (2004-12-01) ?

R. S. Patil wrote:

Duane Clark wrote:

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R. S. Patil wrote:
> Thanks Mr. Duan Clark,
> Today I Downloaded wine-20041201-1rh9winehq.src.rpm
> and installed it. Then I copied the src.tar.gz to my home and
> uncompressed it to folder ~/wine-20041201
> then I Gave ./tools/wineinstall
> the process went on for almost 3 hrs then
> it asked me to enter root password and then
> in between i got a screen full of some messages and
> the cursor disappeared only  I have to press ^c then
> a prompt appeared then when i tried to give some commands
> the enter key started reflecting as ^M on same line
> ultimately I pressed ^D and relogged in then the screen was normal
> After this when I tried to run wine <Win exe> then again
> i started getting warnings C:\\Windows not found
> and C:\\windows\\system not found and
> surprisingly the <win exe> also not found.

I have no idea what happened there. But since this is apparently a new installation, just completely delete the ~/.wine directory, and the Wine C: directory if you created it anywhere other than within ~/.wine.

Now type "wine notepad" or just "notepad". Wine should automatically create a new ~/.wine directory and populate it with everything needed. If not, try to say exactly what messages were printed.

Btw What I Noticed while Searching Google is That ppl
talk about RH 9 and RH 9 (Shrike) are they two different
entities or one and the same.

One and the same.

My installation shows its a RH 9 (Shrike)

Can this be a Cause ?


I will send exact Messages I Received by next Post.

Thanks and Best Regards

R. S. Patil

Regards, Ed.

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