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Streaming Media - two questions

I'm in the process of converting all of my servers over to Linux. ditching windose.

First part of the question. I can get some windows media files to play via mplayer however I am trying to play the following file http://www.zebthepilot.com/atc/boise_atc.asx this playlist points to the windows media stream from atc.zebthepilot.com:80 neither of which I can get to work on my fedora 3 box.

A; I either find a way to play streaming windows media on linux
B: I convince the owner of the feed to convert.

at this point I think B is a better option, considering I'm the owner of the feed. My media server is one of a few servers here with windows still on it. I'd like to know if anyone has suggestions or input on my options for running this thing off of a fedora box. In a perfect world the encoder/server output would be usable by other linux computers, windows media, real player and whatever it is those mac folks are running these days. Also it needs to be on port 80 to get through the firewalls at my work.

in a really perfect world it'd be able to rotate advertisement banners. but not needed.

currently my windows streaming media server has been up 24/7 since august. reliability is a major issue as this is an unmonitored server



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