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Re: Fedora Core 2 won't run AGP, NVIDIA

On Tue, Dec 14, 2004 at 02:18:21AM -0500, John Burns wrote:

 > It only works with agpgart compiled into kernel.  If I build agpgart 
 > module, AGP fails to initialize. If I try to build modular and use NvAGP 
 > (NVIDIA's internal agp module) that fails, too. I post to this forum 
 > because the problem doesn't seem to be NVIDIA's fault. If monolithic 
 > agpgart works, the module should work too, but it doesn't. If I'm 
 > missing info, please let me know the score. I did the research. Maybe I 
 > missed something.
 > Something is broken on the Fedora side on those modules.

Looks fine to me.  Are you loading both the agpgart.ko and the
relevant chipset driver ? agp-intel.ko agp-amd-k7.ko etc ?
(This btw, is yet another reason we chose to build agpgart in,
 to avoid end-user confusion).

 > In forum after forum, I see many people screaming at NVIDIA for this. 
 > But I don't see how it's NVIDIA's fault that the Fedora agpgart module 
 > doesn't work, when it does as a kernel bundle. The original impetus was 
 > simply to be able to use NVIDIA's internal AGP support. I hope someone 
 > can make this work.

As well as Fedora kernel maintainer, I maintain the upstream agpgart code.
Believe me, it works just fine.  If there was something as fundamentally
broken as you state it is, I'd be getting a lot more bug reports.
Yours is the only one I've seen suggesting any different.


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