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Re: bittoorrent - is getting me down.

akonstam trinity edu wrote:
I know pwoplw use bittorrent so there must be somewhere that explains
how to use it clearly enough for someone starting out to understand ,
but I can't find it.

The rpm README.txt says there is a INSTALL.unix.txt that explains
things but no file with that name exists. The bittorent home site is
really aimes at Windows user. Every time I read the README.txt file I
almost see the picture but then I loose it.
oTwo strting questions which bug me:
1. metainfo files seem to be created using btmakemetafile.py and these
create .torrent files tha have meta information on another file. Is
tha right? What kind of files are metainfo files made on? 2. How do you find where the other trackers are?

Maybe these answers are obvious but not to me at this point.

I have BitTorrent packages for Fedora at: http://www.city-fan.org/ftp/contrib/bittorrent/

If you install the BitTorrent package you'll find the INSTALL.unix.txt file at /usr/share/doc/BitTorrent-3.4.2/INSTALL.unix.txt. However, it only really gives information about setting up the client rather than the tracker.

See http://dessent.net/btfaq/#tracker for more on setting up a tracker (and other BitTorrent info).

You find out about where other trackers are using google, word of mouth etc. BT isn't the usual peer-to-peer system with tools for finding specific files etc., it's a highly optimised way of organising downloads of large, popular files, and that's all. Finding the files is not within the scope of the client.


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