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Re: Does fedora mt-st-0.7-13.1.i386 rpm work on RHL 9?

Thom Paine wrote:

I use Arkeia with my Dell Powervault 120T DAT. It has the library
function, and an 8 tape magazine. I find it slow as well, but I guess
100G in 12 hours is quick enough for me.



Thanks for your reply Thom. Actually, if you're getting 100GB in 12 hours on DAT technology, that's not bad.

However, I have 500GB to back up, and I have overflowed my DLT autoloader capactiy, so I bought the LTO-2 one. That one *should* get up to 187GB/hr according to the specs (assuming 2:1 compression), with a top end of 1.4TB native (no compression). I thought I was good to go.

Instead, I got 30MB in 5 minutes!! Definitely something wrong there, so I am searching like crazy for a solution. Had to put it all back together so I could at least get an incremental backup on my DLT drive last night. I've been looking through lists all day today, because it is a production server, and I can only work on it during a limited window at night....


Anybody else out there have any ideas? Do you know if I do a "mknod -m 666 /dev/st0 c 9 0" with the tape drive hooked up, does it do anything different than if there wasn't one installed? Like read the status bits on the drive to tell what it's capabilities are?


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