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Very major video issues, and sometimes the whole system crashes

I installed Fedora Core 3 on my friend's computer (with his permission), and for some reason the video doesn't refresh right; like when I start up Firefox I'll see the outer borders but I'll only see other parts of whats in the window if when the mouse hovers over it, and it changes a bit. Right now its set to the default setup (GNOME for interface and Xorg for an X Server, no extra software that doesn't come with the distro and no updates). If it helps at all, I will list some of my hardware:

Processor: Intel Celeron 1400 MHz
Memory: 256MB SDRAM 133MHz FSB
Video: Intel(R) 82810 (embedded, I think)

I was able to find out this info because the computer also has functioning Windows XP on it, and I used HWiNFO32 to detect hardware. I would like to figure this out so my friend can have a working Linux installation, and after I'm done doing this certain testing I'm doing it'll only have Fedora Core 3.

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