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Re: suexec and Apache 2.0.52 ?

Thank you, Alexander!

I should have looked at suphp for my PHP scripts problem. suphp.org has an Apache module for PHP scripts to run with their owner's uid/gid.

And for Apache to read users' home dirs, I will need to add user "apache" into each user's group.

suexec is for CGI, then.


Alexander Dalloz wrote:

Am Di, den 14.12.2004 schrieb Timothy Ha um 22:50:

Probably a misconception about what suEXEC does. Please read


carefully. suEXEC does _not_ cause the vhost to run as different
user/group. I guess you would want


but as the site clearly says, this module isn't stable/usable yet.

I created a test.php for running at virtual host, but with it, I could not write a test file in the user's directory, because of permissions. So I figured it out that php did not execute under the username I needed.


As guessed, a misconception / misunderstanding what suEXEC does. Please reread the Apache2 documentation regarding this. suEXEC is for CGIs. If you would have created a CGI test script, then it would have done what you want.


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