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Re: Mounting DOS drive

No problem, do the following.
1. go to the terminal.
2. log in as root using 'su' command.
3. type your root password.
4. type '/sbin/fdisk -l' to see a list of your hard drive dev.
5. chose the desired one.
6. make an empy dir for the mount point like 'mkdir /home/username (your login name)/Desktop/win'
7. mount the drive by typing 'mount /dev/hdXX /home/username (your login name)/Desktop/win'
8. the first X is the location of the drive (a, b, c or d) depend on the drive location with in the IDE cable. the other is the no.
9. change the mode for this folder to give a permission to your self  'chmod 777 /home/username/Desktop/win'
You will have your drive mounted in the folder win located in your desktop.


Gregory Alexander computacenter com wrote:

Fat32 needs to be installed as a kernel module, but I'm not 100% sure.
Perhaps you have to specify the File system in the mount command.

Kind Regards
Greg Alexander

Tom Capehart <tccjr220 earthlink net>
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15/12/2004 02:26
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        Subject:        Mounting DOS drive

I've just installed Fedora 3 on a PC with 2 hard disks.  I'm dual
booting Windows XP and Fedora using grubb.  When I look under the System
Tools>Hardware Browser, both disks appear.  the dos disk shows fat32.  
However, when I try to mount the disk using the "User Mount Tool" under
System Tools>Disk Management, I get the following error message: "There
are no filesystems which you are allowed to mount or unmount.  Contact
your administrator."  (Unfortunately, I am the administrator.)

I used to mount dos drives in Red Hat 9 with no problem.

Any ideas?


Tom Capehart

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