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FC3 Intel i810 Sound Solution

There is a sound issue with the intel i810 sound cards. On some PC/Laptops the intel sound card will be detected, but the sound will not play. If you do a lsmod it will show the sound card modules loaded. There is a simple work around for this.

  1. Patch your system up to current levels.
  2. Edit the /etc/hotplug/blacklist and add this to end of file:
  3. Reboot your system. run alsamixer to check the sound levels.
  4. This should solve the missing sound.

I have tested these steps on two different types of machines. It's worked each time. Make sure you patch your system, I tried this one time without patching and I still did not have sound. Once the system was patched and the blacklist was updated sound worked without issue.

Wayne Leutwyler - RHCT, CNA
Linux Admin / DBA
Columbus OH. USA

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