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RE: Fedora Core Installation question

You have the right idea: boot your windows install/restore CD, if you 
get its prompt, you're booting from CD and should be able to do so 
from your burned iso's.  If not, the BIOS option is the thing to 
check: cd and floppy should boot before hard-drive.

Have a network-connected machine available whilst clawing your 
way through your first FC install, so you can holler and we can help.
If you can't, I suggest making your one machine dual-boot so that
you can holler and we can help.

Welcome to the Fedora community, Liz!.  Have you ever done 
anything with Linux/Unix systems before?

Brian Brunner
brian t brunner gai-tronics com

>>> echaille stetson edu 12/15/04 04:17PM >>>
I can see files and folders when I view the contents of the CD.  And I think my computer is set to boot from CD.  The restore disc that came with the machine is a CD, so I assume that means it can boot from CD.  But, I do I check just to make sure?  How do I check this if my machine is an older E-Machines computer.  It's about 4 or 5 years old, if that helps at all.

Thanks again.


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On Wed, 2004-12-15 at 15:54 -0500, Elizabeth Chaille wrote:
> Ok, I've downloaded the 4 iso files for CD's and have burned them to
> CD-R's.
> I just can't figure out how to install Fedora now.  Could someone
> please tell me how?
> The fedora project website says to boot it from the first CD, but I
> can't figue out how to do that.  Any help would be appreciated.
> Thanks in advance.
> Liz =^..^=

Hi Liz -

Welcome to the Fedora community!  We're glad you are here.

A couple of things:

1)  Is your computer set to boot from CD-ROM?  Check in the BIOS to see
what the boot order is.  If you are not sure how to get into the BIOS
please let us know what kind of computer you have (i.e. Dell Optiplex
GX1).  You can also get some good tips at

2)  Did you burn the ISO images to CD as described at
http://members.home.nl/lsnoek/iso.htm?  An easy way to tell is to put
the CD you burned into the drive on your Windows machine.  If you see a
single file on the CD named something like FC3-i386-disc1.iso then you
did it wrong.  If you see a whole bunch of files on the CD then you are
in good shape.

Once you have your system set up to boot from CD and you have a
correctly burned set of Fedora CDs, you can follow the directions here:
x86-starting.html.  Note that these instructions are actually for an
older version of Linux but the concepts should be roughly the same.  If
you have more questions post them here and we'll help.


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