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Re: Fedora 3 Newboe

Yeah, Xfce4 is really a nice wm. Even small, it also has nice face. See


for a screen shot~!
I started to use xfce while I was using FreeBSD. At that time, I found another useful tip in Xfce4 is that you can always add, modify and remove your panel an start menu as easy as those Microsoft Windows girls. Ooop! Never .desktop file setting or K Menu Editor application again! It's a useful feature for whoever likes tidy desktop as me.
Juan Shen

Basil Copeland wrote:

Besides looking at the links Mr. Leutwyler posted, especially the FAQ,
I have some suggestions for you.

Is this your first experience with Linux?  The graphical installation
is very good.  Just take your time, and read the notes in the left
pane as you work through the graphical installation.  If this *is*
your first time, I might suggest that you let the installer
automatically partition the drive for you.  It will give you the
option of removing existing partitions: choose that, and you don't
have to reformat it yourself to get rid of Windows.

You have several options for the "type" of installation you want, e.g.
"desktop" or "server." All my experience is with the "server" type. You may want to do a "desktop" type of installation; I don't know. What I *do* know is that with FC3 you get the option to install XFCE,
and I would encourage you to install it -- along with KDE and Gnome,
if you want those -- because you might find that it works better on
older machines such as what you describe. I use XFCE as my desktop
environment on a PII 333 Mhz and like it. If you choose to install
multiple desktop environments, then you can choose which to log in to
and experience them all. XFCE is a much "lighter" desktop, which
means that it will possibly run better than KDE or Gnome on your

Good luck!

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