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Re: Downloading mail from an exchange account

William Lovaton wrote:


Hi William,

I just installed FC3 in my company computer and every thing is good so
far.  I configured my MS Exchange account in Evolution and I can see the
mail directly in the server but I can't download them in my local
folders.  I was hoping for something like POP3 works so I can keep track
of all my mails in my hard disk and prevent my exchange account from
getting full.

I have to say this is my first time configuring Connector so probably I
am missing something.

If you want to download your email from Exchange to your laptop, then you should NOT configure the Exchange connector. Ask your Exchange server admin to enable POP3 on the Exchange server, and then configure a POP3 account in evolution. In fact, you don't need the Exchange connector. However, using POP3 means you do not get to use any of the other features of Exchange.

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