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Re: installation of fedora

kathy pu wrote:
Hi Everyone:

I just recently joined the fedora group. I downloaded the 4 ISO images files for CD installations. But it is on my windows XP machines. I wonder how I can burn the image file on my XP machine to the CD, so I can then use them to boot and install on my linux machine. I know it is better to download it to a machine that already running Linux. But, the download is painful,
and I really don't want to go through that again.

I hope that somebody can help me.

kathy Pu
Software Development
(650) 302-8627 cell

Try any burning software like nero or search the (www.download.com) for a free or limited software for burning.
Or you can install using one CD only (no. 4) it is a rescue CD, other images can be read directly from the hard disk. but you will need the images to be in a FAT32 not on NTFS part.
When you boot the CD read the instruction for installation, and when the setup ask about the location of the image select (Hard Drive).
Setup will ask about the location like (/dev/hdxx), for this you will need to learn the IDE structure for linux first.


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