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Re: Installation of Fedora Core 3

You need to copy all the CDs as image not as a files.
BTW, since my first install for REDHAT 9 and fedora 1,2,3 i use the hard drive installation.
copy the first CD and use it as bootable, then you can use the other .iso image directrly from the hard drive. but you will need FAT32 partition.


Madhan Premkumar wrote:
I downloaded the Fedora Core 3 .iso files (totally 4 files) into my
harddrive. I am planning to install on my machine from the CD. I know that
i have to burn the files into the CD instead of just copying.
My question is: do i have to burn only the first Disc and i can copy the
other iso files into CD or Do I have to burn all the Disc instead of
copying? Because unknowingly, I copied all the iso file in the CD without
buring as Image. I know the first CD is waste(.iso are not bootable), but
i am trying to save the other 3 CDs ;) by retaining as .iso. Will this
work ??

Thanks for the help, Madhan

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