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Fedora Core 3 and My Questions

Hello out there,

I am another newbie, who needs your help. I have several questions to
you concerning my hardware and software. I would like to get all my
hardware components to work on Linux and leave the world of windows for

1. Does anybody have some experience with this Notebook: Acer Ferrari
2. Does anybody have an idea how I can get my ATI Radeon Mobility 9700
to work on this Notebook, with 3D acceleration. I want to play CS Source
and HL2 ;-)
3. It's important to get to work my WLAN Card either because of my
Router at Home, I hate long cables.
4. Is there software for Linux on the Internet where I can store my
passwords in a crypted file and decrypt it by using one main password?
And anyway, how safe is it if I have a 12 characters long main password
for decrypting one file with all my password? Where should users store
their passwords? You don't have your passwords at home in your desk,
written on peace of paper?

Please: I am doing my best to write good English, so it would be very
kind of you telling me my mistakes in my texts (well, just if you like).

Kind regards,

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