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Re: [FC3] first boot configuration

Andoni wrote:
What was the small message?


I installed FC3 on my workstation at home last night and I ran into a small problem with the first boot configuration part. The first time I booted, I pressed Alt+D for the details screen so I could make sure everything was going okay. Then it switched to a empty grey screen and just sat there for several minutes. I rebooted thinking something was wrong, and didn't switch to details view. Since I was paying attention, I saw the little notice about performing first boot configuration so I let it sit there for awhile, several minutes, until it was done. My question, is this normal? The only indication I got that anything was going on was a small message on the booting screen.

On the boot screen with the progress bar on the lower right it has messages about what it is doing. Right before it switched to the grey screen, the messages was something like, "Performing first boot configuration."

Justin Crabtree
Java Programmer
Ozarks Technical Community College

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