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[SOLVED] Please help: kdvi can't find fonts!


Just though it could be useful for someone in the future...

My initial problem:
Kdvi didn't display any text if started from command line or from another program which was itself started from command line. It worked fine if started from the K-menu or usinf root.

The key suggestion:
[from Rex Dieter, in kde-redhat-users lists sourceforge net]
> The only difference I'm aware of is that a Konsole command line loads > your ~/.bashrc (for bash) and ~/.tcshrc (for tcsh), whereas K-menu
> doesn't.

The solution:
I had in my .cshrc a command supposed to change the Konsole titlebar so that it shows the last command issued:
alias postcmd '/bin/echo -n "^[]0;${USER} ${HOSTNAME}: $cwd> \!#^G"'
Commenting this line solved the problem. I don't get the last command issued in the konsole title bar anymore, but that's not so important anyway.

Thanks a lot to all that tried to help.

*Gustavo Seabra*
- Graduate Student
E-Mail: seabra ksu edu <mailto:seabra ksu edu>
Phone: (785) 532-6072 Chemistry Department <http://www.ksu.edu/chem/>
Kansas State University <http://www.ksu.edu>
Manhattan, KS 66506-3701

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