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trouble configuring laptop display (ATI Rage Mobility 128)

Hello all,

I'm using FC3 on a Dell Inspiron 4000 with an ATI Rage Mobility 128.

The LCD screen only supports 1024x768, however the graphics chip supports up 
to 1600x1200. 

(This system has dual boot)

When using Windows XP on this system, I can use an external monitor at 
1600x1200, so I know the hardware supports it.

However, when using the X Server, I cannot make the external monitor display 
at 1600x1200.  I've set the monitor type and set the resolution (and affirmed 
the xorg.conf file is correct wrt those settings).

However, when I switch from the LCD screen to the external CRT, X always uses 
the resolution of the LCD.  When I use the CTRL-ALT-numpad + or -, the 
resolution changes, but then immediately goes back to the LCD (while 
disabling the CRT).

Is there a way to configure X to use the external monitor only?  Is this an 
issue with the ATI driver?  (It's using the r128 driver).


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