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Kinda OT: FedoraNews.org

Fedora News used to be my favorite Fedora related site.  It's laid out
well, always had neat information.  But, recently activity seems to have
slowed down.  I've noticed people like Thomas Chung on this list so I
thought I would write here to see if I could learn anything.

The section,  Fedora News Updates: Weekly (or bi-weekly) Newsletter
hasn't been updated in 3 months, or my browser is messing up.  It's
still on issue 16 according to what I can see.  What needs to happen to
get this going again?

"Fedora Articles by Volunteer Writers: HOWTO, Facts, Review, Opinion" is
still active thanks to the above mentioned Mr. Chung, and the section:
"Fedora Articles by Contributors: HOWTO, Facts, Review, Opinion" seems
to be somewhat active (last posting in November).

Is this page in need of help?  I don't want to see such a great resource
die because of lack of interest.  I only raise the topic here because
this seems to me to be the right forum to get people interested in
maintaining a web page on a topic that interests everyone here.


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