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Re: Can't boot New Installation. (2nd Post )

Is it etiquette on this list to top post or bottom post when replying?

Matthias Bauw <matthias bauw gmail com> wrote

Does it give a error message?

Maybe you should try installing Fedora with LILO (is that still
possible? I think so)


No Matt, no error message. further, after more investigation it appears that GRUB is actually running, and if I could understand the very cryptic help I could possibly boot FC 3 at least, and edit the GRUB .conf file

No, LILO is not an alternative in the installation choices.

Further, Alexander Dalloz <ad+lists uni-x org> wrote

grub has no problem with the 1024 cylinder boundary. Even the current
lilo does not have it any more since a long time.


Provide us with information from following commands run:

a) fdisk -l
b) cat /boot/grub/grub.conf

Of course you can execute the commands from running Mandrake. For b) you
will just have to mount the /boot partition of Fedora.


Thank you Alexander,

I will try again after work this evening. I have acquired a copy of MandrakeLive CD, so I can first load Fedora Core 3, then run MandrakeLive from CD to investigate.

More later

Norm, VK2XCI,
Voice of The Edge of The Outback.

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