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Re: Can't boot New Installation. (2nd Post )

Am Fr, den 17.12.2004 schrieb Norm McMillan um 0:22:

> Is it etiquette on this list to top post or bottom post when replying?

> Norm, VK2XCI,

Rising up that question could easily end in another "war" about posting
mentalities (I really don't hope so). So let me answer your question
this way: For each reader (actually or later from the archive or by
googling for help) it is the easiest way to follow a discussion from
it's initial posting through all following replies if answers appear in
their context. This makes placing the answer or discussion add below the
(con)text the answer is for. Most important it is to strip the quotes to
whats reasonable. There is nothing more annoying than a top-posting
where the poster keeps the full previous text, often by several posters,
as a quote - just topped by mixed unstripped top and bottom posting.
Another fact: this list is subscribed actually by around 6622 people
(this is an official value), it is archived at several places and due to
the high amount of daily 200 up to 300 mails best read in threaded view.
So not stripping the quotes and placing the own contribution into
context makes it often hard to follow topics and is even a huge waste of
bandwidth and storage place.

Norman, nice that you ask :) This was my answer with giving you facts.
In the list archive you can find a very large thread about the etiquette
question for this list.



A: Maybe because some people are too annoyed by top-posting.
Q: Why do I not get an answer to my question(s)?
A: Because it messes up the order in which people normally read text.
Q: Why is top-posting such a bad thing?

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