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Re: Flash Player for FC3 64 bit

On Friday 17 Dec 2004 10:35, delir!um wrote:
> Hi Michael,
> On Fri, 2004-12-17 at 10:17 +0000, Michael A. Peters wrote:
> > It would be easier to look at your wish list if it was text or rtf - I
> > don't have OO.o installed, though maybe AbiWord can read it - nope, it
> > opens, but is jibberish.
> Wish list for Fedora Core 3 (Note: 64 bit version):
>      1. Mobility Radeon 9700 driver

>From what I hear, ATI's Linux drivers are pretty poor. They might have 
improved since then though?

>      2. Broadcom WLAN drive

What kind of hardware is this - a drive or a netword adpater?

>      3. Flash Player 7 plug in for Mozilla Firefox

Ah, the joys of closed source software! If they don't comipile it for your 
achitecture, tough. The 32 bit versions should work though.

There's also a free swf player, although it's incomplete.

>      4. Map24.com Java Plugin working

Anything Java should be CPU-independent, given it runs on a virtual machine. 
Once you have a JVM installed there shold be no problems. Fedora doesn't come 
with Java because it's not free (as in freedom, it's free as in free beer)

Unfortunately Sun seem to think Linux = i386. IBM do a VM that you might want 
to check out.

> > I'm not sure, but I thought that 32 bit software worked on 64 bit -
> > maybe you need a 32-bit browser to use 32 bit plugins?

> Well, does it make sense to have 64 bit machine and use 32 bit
> programs/plug ins? 

Yes and no, it certainly doesn't make sense in the "am I wasting money" 
meaning of sense. A 64bit CPU will be slower running 32bit porgrams than the 
same speed 32bit CPU. Then again, how fast do you need your browser - the 
internet conection will almost certainly be the bottleneck anyway.

And come on - wasting money's what 64bit's all about :)

> And if it is possible - tell me how I can use wrapper 
> in order to get my WLAN Card made by Broadcom to work ;-)


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