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Re: USB key

Charles Curley wrote:

<cleaned attribs>
> On Fri, 17 Dec 2004 14:09:17 +0100, Francois Massonneau
>> Hello,
>> I've just got an USB key (250 mbytes), and I would like to know how >> to make it to be visible from my linux box. I run FC2. On my laptop,
>> I've just to type :
>> mount -t vfat /dev/sda1 /mnt/key
>> but on my home computer, (it's a full scsi equiped system), I can't
>> make it to recognize it.
>> I would like to just plug the key, then have konqueror to be opened,
>> automagically.
>> Thank you for your advices, help. Francois

> Francois, once you have identified on which device file your USB key
> is showing up, you may need to edit /etc/fstab to get the kernel
> to mount it automatically. There may also be something you'll need to
> do for Konqueror.

> There are some articles on http://fedoranews.org/ that you may find
> useful.

FWIW, under FC2 I found that identifying the device name (reported by
dmesg when plugged in IIRC), and adding the appropriate string to
/etc/updfstab.conf.defaults (man updfstab & updfstab.conf) sufficed
to automount (although gnome behaviour with the drive on the desktop
was a little erratic).  This needed to be repeated whenever the hotplug
system was updated, and for devices with different (product) names.

Under FC3 all this 'just works', presumably due to HAL; although I
haven't investigated.  Actually, I'll take this opportunity to say
a big THANK YOU to whoever's responsible for that one.


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