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Re: SLOW network on FC3 (2nd)

Bill Gradwohl wrote:

JonVO wrote:

Loaded Fedora Core 3 on an AMD64, ASUS K8N, installation went pretty well, found the sound card and the network card (NVIDIA chipset), BUT...
WAN is REALLY slow, such that I cannot update either thru command line or using a browser, it works but is bog slow. Tried external 3COM card, also installed without problems, but it too is very slow. Wait for 20 sec to connect, then downloads are 1-2KB if at all.
What do I look for for problems? Hosts, DNS, IP's all seem config'd and OK. All the other computers on my network are Win2k, and they are fine. NVIDIA chipset was found an configured (correctly?)
FC3 computer was connected directly to the cable modem, as well as thru Linksys sswitch and a10/100 hub all with the same result.
Have tried 3COM NIC and it installs and works, but also is BOG slow. Every form of network traffic appears to be very slow? This FC3 system will have to go if I can not find a solution.
Any help appreciated here.

Could this be a "window scaling" issue?

Please translate?

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