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Re: FC3: Gnome desktop seems to have disappeared

On Fri, 2004-12-17 at 17:46 +0100, Bertrand wrote:
> I have the same problem as previously reported by Dave (see here).
> Unfortunately my desktop is not turning back 80% of the time like
> Dave's. By 80% I mean that, from time to time, when I restart the
> computer, I get the desktop back but most of the time nothing. By
> nothing I mean my panel, etc, seem to be in place but I don't see My
> computer, trash, etc. icons and I have no wallpaper. Nautilus does not
> launch if i try to. I have not been able to see any error messages.
> I am running FC3 standard with all the up2date applied and no SELinux.
> This is a clean scratch FC3 install. During 2 weeks i did not have
> that problem. It appeared a couple of days ago and I have been unable
> to find a solution.
> Bertrand
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I have seen nautilus behave like this when it is started without some of
the GNOME services being started.  GNOME 2.6 introduced some background
stuff that had to be working for some GNOME apps to find their themes.
Can you make everything behave if you force a change in the theme from
the theme manager?

Or, if there's nothing there that you are 100% attached to, try
deleting .gnome and .gnome2 to see if it was just some silly config file

just some ideas.  I have NO idea if any of them are worth anything.

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