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Re: grep -r speed fc2 vs. rh 6.1

On Sun, Dec 19, 2004 at 01:13:49AM -0500, Gene Smith wrote:

> I have the same huge source tree on fc2 500Mhz Athlon with IDE drive and 
> on a old hp vectra 200Mhz with Pentium pro and scsi drive running rh 6.1 
> with ext2. A "grep -r" for the same string on the vectra takes about 
> about a third as long to return results as compared to the somewhat 
> "faster" Athlon/IDE/ext3 system running fc2. However, building the tree 
> (and most everything else) takes longer on the vectra by a noticeable 
> amount.
> Both are running grep from a kde "konsole" in their respective kde 
> environments. Is it possible that fc2 gives grep and possibly similar 
> commands a lower priority than rh 6.1 gives? Or is it the scsi drives or 
> ext2 (on rh 6.1) vs IDE and ext3 I am using on fc2?

Try the grep package from FC3 updates -- I think it should work okay
on FC2 as well.

It'll be because you're running in a non-C locale, and so grep is
obliged to perform more work to get locale sorting order correct.  The
efficiency for UTF-8 processing has been improved in the FC3 updates


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