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Re: CD burning problem

Alexander Dalloz wrote:

> I would say you have a hardware problem with the CD burner.
> Do you have the devices hda and hdb correctly set as master and slave?
> Maybe it helps to switch current hdb over to be the master device on the
> ATAPI controller.

Thanks for the input.  I would have thought that it was a 
hardware issue if it weren't for the fact that by booting to 
FC2 (this is a dual boot, FC2/FC3 machine) that I can burn 
CD's just fine.  I used FC2 to burn the .iso files for FC3.  
I rebooted to FC2 yesterday while troubleshooting this issue 
just to see if it was a problem with my cdwriter, but it 
still works just fine in FC2.  Lots of people had problems 
burning in FC2, and I had none.  Now with FC3, I'm one of 
the few with problems.  Guess I'm just lucky :-)

Do you still think that given the above that it would be 
likely to help if I were to switch the master/slave 
settings? This particular machine has been running Linux 
since RH8 and has never had this type of a problem before.


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