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Re: FC3: Gnome desktop seems to have disappeared

James Wilkinson wrote:

Wong Kwok-hon wrote:

I have such like that before and I fixed. It just use the root acount
and delete the files begin with "." excepted the .profile and the
system would copy back to default.

Sorry, Ringo, but your English isn't particularly clear there. And one interpretation of that advice is dangerous.

No-one should delete anything unless they are sure they know what it is
or that they don't need it. If you need to make sure that your system
won't look at a file, rename it or move it.

A number of programs will keep information in hidden files (those
beginning with dots), and you *will* lose data like bookmarks, account
settings, and potentially e-mail.

Note, too, that "." and ".." have special meanings in Unix (and
Unix-like systems like Fedora).


Another thing the OP can check is the version of gamin that he is currently using. IIRC, the current version is having some problems, I am not sure off-hand but a quick check of the archives on gamin would help. I would also wonder if this was the case would upgrading gamin to rawhide would help

my 2 cents

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