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Re: yum update problem

I recommended:
> cd /media/cdrom/Fedora/RPMS
> rpm -F --oldpackage python-2.3.4-11.i386.rpm
> and maybe
> rpm -F --oldpackage yum-2.1.11-3.noarch.rpm
> which should get you back to the versions on the install media.

Timothy Murphy wrote:
> Are you sure that would work?
> I would have thought I would get lots of depedemcy conflicts
> next time I said "yum upgrade"?
> (There were a fairly large number of packages updated
> at the same time as python.)

Depends. Sorry.

It depends how much has been installed that requires a specific later
version on Python.

But you should get these dependency conflicts when you try to run the
rpm -F --oldpackage commands, not when you're running yum.

So if it doesn't work, it doesn't work (but you should take a look at
what needs the later versions). If it works, you shouldn't get these
problems on the next yum upgrade.

But you are in some trouble with the rest of those rawhide packages.
They're not supposed to be relatively bugfree. And they won't
necessarily be upgraded by future FC3 updates.

On the other hand, I've found rawhide to be quite reasonable most of the
time. Check that you've got a real FC3 kernel, and a real FC3 glibc. And
you might want to check your fsck, mount, and similar packages. They're
the ones that are most likely to eat data. You would probably "get away
with it" otherwise running with a half-and-half system until you come
across a bug in a particular subsystem.

And you might find that rawhide fixes that awkward video card of

Good luck!

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@westexe.demon.co.uk  | and no amount of Zen contemplation will ever make you
                      | at one with a 3c905B ethernet card."
                      |     -- Alan Cox

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