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Re: Graphic interface considerations

soraberri wrote:

I have
noticed that at the same screen resolution (1024x768) things are very different from the point of view of object sizes. Icons, buttons and panels are too big for my taste at this resolution settings. But I can't use the next available resolution setting (1152x864) because then fonts are too small for me. Maybe you can give me a hint about this topic.

Go for the higher resolution and navigate to "Start->Preferences->Font" to choose the fonts you'd like to see.

The second thing is about screen displacement or shift. I have installed Fedora core3 in 6 different computers for now, all six with different hardware and three different monitor brands, and in all of them the same thing: the visible screen is shifted to the rigth, so I have to play with the monitor settings (hardware buttons) to adjust the screen.

You have full control over this by "modelines" in /etc/X11/xorg.conf. However, this is a bit of an advanced topic which would require some reading/in-depth understanding of monitor timings.

List, come to the rescue if you know of a simple application which will interactively create these modelines for you...

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