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My USB is no longer "default" when unplugged from USB

I have a USB printer which functions properly "most of the time." However, in order to give my wife access to the printer from her XP machine, I hooked it into a USB "switch". (Essentially, an "AB switch" for USB devices. She wants to print...she switches the printer so it's connected to her machine, which "breaks" the USB connection to my FC-3 machine. When I want to print, I switch it back.

HOWEVER, I have found that while my printer is "seen" by my FC-3 machine, it is no longer the default printer. I need to go thru an additional step of making my printer the "default" each time this switch takes place.

I could not find a Bugzilla report on this behavior. Has anyone experienced similar "problems" or are there suggestions for avoiding this.

A "work-around" would be to enable the XP machine to "see" the printer as a remote device, without using the USB "switch." Is there software to support this function?


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