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Re: yam verbosity

On Mon, 20 Dec 2004, Timothy Murphy wrote:

> I use yam to keep a local fedora-update repository
> by running "yam -u" as a nightly cron job (see below).
> I can then run "yum update" on the machines on my home LAN.
> All this works perfectly - thank you, Messrs yum and yam -
> so what I am asking is really sugar on the plum-pudding.
> I find the log entries for yam are a little sparse.
> On the other hand, if I say "yam - v" they are excessively verbose.
> It would be nice if there was a medium
> which just recorded the rpm's which were downloaded.
> ,----[ /etc/cron.daily/yam.cron ]
> | #!/bin/bash
> | # Populate fedora-update repository
> | /bin/date >> /var/log/yam.log
> | /usr/bin/yam -u >> /var/log/yam.log
> | /usr/bin/createrepo -q /var/yam/fc3-i386/updates >> /var/log/yam.log
> | exit 0
> `----

It would be handy if you could post it to the correct list, as I found 
this mail by luck.

The verbosity is a very difficult game. My current implementation for yam 
is that yam -v only shows extra Yam messages (limited), -vv shows a little 
bit of the output of the tools yam uses, -vvv will increase verbosity of 
both yam and the tools it is using.

Can you tell me what from the output you would expect and what you think 
it useless (or should be demoted) ? Every case that does not fit 
expectations or makes it less useful needs a description so that I can 
look at that and find a good compromise to what technincally possible and 
functional :)

Thanks in advance,
--   dag wieers,  dag wieers com,  http://dag.wieers.com/   --
[all I want is a warm bed and a kind word and unlimited power]

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