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Re: FC3 an a new system

> 1.  I am thinking about getting an ASUS K8N board with Athlon 64 processor.
> Do I have to install FC3 x86_64 or can I install 32bit FC3.  If I can do
> both, which one is better, especially if I want to compile and run some
> 32bit applications.

I run FC3 x86_64. It works fine except when it comes to Jand Flash.
You'll have to dump the 64bit Firefox and load the 32bit version since
there is no 64bit Flash or Java Plugin. Of course not all RPMs are
x86_64 so you'll probably roll your own more than you would with i386
> 2.  I am thinking about getting just two SATA HDs.  The motherboard has
> Sil3114 controller.  Will FC3 installer recognize the disks and let me
> install the system?

Sees my 4 SATA drives just fine, although I do boot to an IDE drive.

> 3.  Will I be able to use the Realtek ALC850 audio controller or should I
> buy a separate sound card (I was thinking about getting an Audigy card).

Sorry no advice except that I have an ABit KV*-MAX3 and it sees my
integrated audio, not sure which chipset

> 4. Similar things with the built-in gigabit LAN.  I am not even sure what
> that is - it says "Chipset built-in Gigabit MAC with external Marvell PHY
> supporting 10/100/1000 BASE-T Ethernet" in the specs.

My KV8 has a Maravell based gbit nic too, works fine.

Just load it run it,  and see what happens.  I'm impressed with the
progress in the latest FC.

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