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Re: grep -r speed fc2 vs. rh 6.1 (+X freeze/lockup)

Gene Smith wrote, On 12/20/2004 11:45 AM:
Tim Waugh wrote, On 12/20/2004 04:13 AM:

On Sun, Dec 19, 2004 at 05:00:49PM -0500, Gene Smith wrote:

Try the grep package from FC3 updates -- I think it should work okay
on FC2 as well.

Upgraded to grep-2.5.1-31.i386.rpm from a FC3 mirror and see no improvement on my FC2 system.

That's not it: you need the package from FC3 *updates*.

All right! grep-2.5.1-31.2.i386.rpm from FC3 *updates* is as fast as using LC_ALL=C with other versions running on FC2. Thanks!

Additional note: Longer strings or strings with regex in them take longer compared to just short simple string. Putting "env LC_ALL=C" in front of the grep makes the search time almost constant regardless of regex or string length.

Grain of sand note: Was running the Dec 16, 2004 kde rpm updates to FC2. Was getting lot of X lock-up when using this kde release. With the Dec 16th kde, the FC3 grep would never complete when the string used regex constructs unless I did "env LC_ALL=C" in front. Downgraded back to previous kde (Sept 11, 2004) and now search completes w/o "env LC_ALL=C" in front.

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