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Re: Change Video Drivers to generic

Daniel Harrison wrote:
Hi there,

Anaconda identified my graphics card as an Intel 810, however it
doesn't draw properly, i think previously in FC2 my card was
identified as a the generic card, does any one know how to change the
driver to a generic card?


Add the option "noaccel" to your xorg.conf file. This will stop the refresh problem when using the "i810" driver.

If you really think that previous installations considered your card a generic type, change the line to "vesa" in place of the "i810" driver. If the driver is actually an Intel 810, you would probably get horrible diagonal lines and have to kill X and change it back.

Anyway, if you upgrade your system to the latest packages, the later X works without giving a refresh problem. Just stay away from test kernels. They seem to kill systems with radeon or Intel 810/815 video cards.

Option "noaccel"
in driver section of xorg.conf file for refresh problem with 810/815 Intel video.


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