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Re: xorg draw/redraw problem - possible fault tweak in FC3

Daniel Harrison wrote:
I previously had a copy of FC2 installed on my machine, but since i
upgraded to FC3 my display dosn't seem to redraw properly.

Basically things don't appear till you mouse over them, and if they
are not active objects they don't appear at all. for example fire fox
has an empty window and when i select the applications menu i get
nothing until i mouse over where it should be.

I have an Aopen motherboard with (what anaconda identifys as) a Intel
810 video card on board.

Any suggestions?

Edit your xorg.conf file and add Option "NoAccel" to your device section of this file.

After you upgrade your system, the newer xorg-x11 packages should work without this option added to your kernel. This is a longstanding problem that gets a lot of us that have the Intel 810/815 video cards.

Stay away from the test kernels. They kill systems with 810/815 graphics controllers. The kernel in the updates repository works fine. It is the updates/testing repo to be aware of.


Anything worth doing is worth overdoing.

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