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Re: VI highlighting 'echo'

Maciek R. wrote:
Hi everyone,

I have no idea how I activated this ... but while writing some easy
shell scripts the VI editor highlights the word 'echo' so the background
is orange. How can I remove this option? I already used man vi and
the :help command in VI but found nothing.

One of the many annoying "features" of vim. By default it will highlight whatever you searched for in the text (obviously, you searched for "echo" sometime in the past). And than it will save that on the disk, and whatever file you edit after that, it will highlight the last searched phrase. Couple of people responded how to disable that... What I usually do is either not installing vim, or removing vim.sh and vim.csh from /etc/profile.d directory (basically it disables aliasing of vi to vim, if I want vim, I can always type vim, if I want plain vi, I just type vi).

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