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Re: Dual boot Retrofit?

Bradley (FC2 List) wrote:

I have been using Fedora Core 2 and Windows 2000 pro on the same machine by swapping hard drive trays. Can I make this a dual boot machine using the two hard drives that I am already happy with, or do I have to start over?
I am interested in being able to run some of the installed Windows programs through WINE from the Windows hdd.


Hi Bradley;

VMWare has the capability to do what you want. VMWare can boot up an OS that is actually installed to a specific partition rather than a virtual partition. The only thing that does happen though is that your Windows 2k would detect some hardware changes because VMWare would use the virtual hardware that it provides when creating the virtual machine. This would cause some issues when you try to reboot back into win 2k normally and may have to redo some of your normal hardware drivers.

The other thing is that VMWare is very resource intensive, if you are using PII you will probably not even be able to do anything in that Win 2k virtual screen.


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