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Re: Which is my USB device?

Gustavo Seabra wrote:

>> Christopher J. Bottaro wrote:
>>Cool thanks for the pointer.  I'm actually on vacation right now and just
>>want to get some videos off my digicam...I don't really have time to
>>out this fstab-sync stuff.  I just need to know which device the dang USB
>>port shows up as in /dev/...any ideas?  =/
>>Thanks again.
> I'm not very knowledgeable on that, but I can tell what worked for me:
> look into the /media folder (ls /media). Usually (nothing connected) I'd
> see only cdrom/ and flppy/ . Then, plug in the camera, wait a bit (~30
> sec max) then take another look there. There *should* be another point,
> that in my case was usbstick/ (even though it was a Gateway digital
> camera). Than all you have to do is mount whatever it is (mount
> /media/_whatever_shows_), and it should work. Note that it worked for me
> because my camera is mountable as an external (USB) HD, but I don't know
> which camera is yours, so I can't guarantee anything. However, based on
> your initial description, I assume it can be mounted as a USB HD.

OK, I tried that.  /var/log/messages gave me this message:
Dec 22 12:16:57 mobile kernel: usb 1-1: new full speed USB device using
address 2

I waited for over 30 secs and nothing showed up in /media/.

> If it doesn't work, may your camera really needs a driver. In that case,
> you could try to tell KDE to look for your camera: Just plug the camera
> in and go to Control Center -> Peripherals -> Digital Camera. There you
> may be able to add your camera, provided it is in the database (which is
> pretty large).

Yes, I have done that.  Its a Canon Powershot A80.

> I hope that helps, and enjoy your vacation!

Thanks for your reply, and yes I am enjoying my vacation...=)

I managed to get what I wanted off my camera, but I had to do it by
installing Digikam and using that to download my pictures and videos off
the camera.  Ahhhhh, jeez...how does Digikam know what USB device to use?? 
Even though I accomplished my task, I'd still like to know what /dev entry
corresponds to my USB port (for future reference).

-- C

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